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2018 F3B WORLD CUP in Anthisnes (see right top page)

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You are invited to participate in the 2017 25th edition of the Summer Soaring Criterium.

The invitation is available here.

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We wish a safe trip to Anthisnes and good luck !

CURRENT STATUS - due to bad weather, the start of the competition has been delayed.

July 1st, 13:15

The weather forecast for the afternoon is very bad. Continuous rain and low base of clouds. All flights for today are cancelled. Competition will (hopefully) restart tomorrow morning July 2nd at 8:00 AM.

July 2nd

Weather improved during morning but coud base was less than 200 m AGL. First flights in duration were limited by low cloud base. Conditions improved progressively until 13:00 Two duration tasks could be flown. In improved weather, one speed and one distance task could be completed before rain took over again around 16:00. Contest was then terminated and prizegiving ceremony started around 16:45.

Jury report

Penalties report

Complete results file (Karl Hinsch software format)

A picture of the podium: Martin Herrig (1), Andreas Herrig (2) and Lucas Gunther (3)